The story of a cup… or of a person? the story of a day… or of a life? …you are always late.


  • George Kaloxilos
  • Nikos Vouteniotis
  • Vicky Koukoutsi
  • Charis Angelou
  • Notina Kontogianni
  • Argiris Thanasoulas
  • Directed by: Yiannis Bougioukas
  • Written by: Yiannis Bougioukas & George Kaloxilos
  • Director of photgraphy: Kostis Bassogiannis
  • Edited by: Teo Armaos
  • Sound by: Teo Babouris
  • Music by: Chris Megarchiotis
  • Produced by: New York College, MovieTeller fims & Yiannis Bougioukas
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