Only you can give a happy end to this interactive love story, shot entirely on location at the Greek island of Paros and in Athens, and presented by Lacta, the leading chocolate bar in Greece.

“Love at first site” is the story of how Petros, a young Greek man and Joanna, an English girl on vacation at the island of Paros, fall in love at first sight, and spend a magic week together, only to break up and never see each other again.

The story unfolds in flash back and users get to experience the love story from the beginning. Only through their actions and correct choices users can progress the love story and bring the two heroes back together at the big finale, two years after the events at Paros.

See the facebook page for behind the scenes information, and exchange your opinion about the film’s ending.

“Love at first site” is an awarded Branded Entertainment campaign for Greece’s favorite chocolate, Lacta. It was created by OgilvyOne Athens in 2008 and the film was produced by MovieTeller Films.

The film was directed by Constantin Pilavios and the screenplay was written by Panos Sambrakos and Christina Sotiropoulou, on an original story by Panos Sambrakos. Cinematography was by Zoe Manta and the original music composed by Christos Triantafyllou.

  • Creative Director: Panos Sambrakos
  • Account Management: Christina Alifakioti
  • Art Director: Constantinos Demetriadis
  • Web Designer: Konstantinos Penlidis
  • Copywriter: Konstantina Chatzaki

The campaign has won the Gold Award in the Branded Content category of IAB’s MIXX Awards 2009 in New York. It has also won a Bronze Award in the International category of MIXX Awards 2009 and a Bronze World Medal in the Confections / Snacks category of the New York Festivals 2009. It has also won honors at the Webby Awards 2009 and a Favourite Webside Award “FWA”. It was also Advertising Age’s “Idea of the Week”.


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