A dark tale of greed and the results of it. Cover the eyes of the little ones for this one. It contains the holy trinity of pulp fiction -murder, drug-use and sex. Not necessarily in that order though.

  • Yiorgos Gallos
  • Maria Konstadaki
  • Panos Kranidiotis
  • Konstantinos Koronidis
  • Directed by Dimitris Andjus
  • Written by Mikael Svanstrom
  • Director of Photography Vassilis Vafiadis
  • Production Designer Giorgos Georgiou
  • Art Director Nontas Vakalopoulos
  • Edited by Constantin Pilavios
  • Sound Design by Emmanuelle Simon
  • Produced by MovieTeller films, Dimitris Andjus, Empire State College
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